Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway winner & a little about me

Today's winner is Lilia!!! I will email you with details  :) Thank you to everyone else who participated! You will get a chance to win :) Watch for another giveaway at the end of the week! XOXO

I can't believe it is November! Can you? It has gotten cold so fast, I'm surprised it hasn't rained a lot (so far); "Knocks on wood". 

What do you love about fall? I adore cute boots!

Lets play an A-Z kind of game. I'd love to know more about you! Here's a little about me:

Age: 22

Bed Size: Twin

Chore that you hate: vacuuming with the old Kirby we have (only because it’s so heavy).

Dogs: They are ok but I prefer cats.

Essential start to your day: Chocolate in my oat bran (just a little :P) and caffeine.

Favorite color: Teal

Gold or silver: I like silver, gold is traditional and feels sacred.

Height: 5'3"

Instruments I play: None but back in the day I played the violin.

Job Title:  Stay at home daughter. LOL just kidding! I promise I’m looking!

Kids: None.

Live: Tacoma

Mother's name: Anna. I was named after her. Maybe they just ran out of names, idk.

Nicknames: None

Overnight hospital stays:  None. The only time I did have to be in the hospital was for an outpatient surgery (or whatever they call it).

Pet peeves: Smoking around me.

Quote from a movie:  This is not madness. This is SPARTA!

Righty or lefty: Right

Siblings: 7 brothers, 4 sisters. I know, I know…

Time you wake up: Around 8, even though I go to bed around 2 am. The sunlight hits my face and I just can’t go to sleep.

University attended: I went to TCC and I was going to go back but they recently had budget cuts so boohoo for me.

Vegetable you hate: Celery! Yuck!

What makes you run late: The kitties. They jump on my jeans and cling for life, thus making me late for anything and everything, well, sorta.

X-Rays you've had: On my leg when I broke it in the 1st grade and on my chest in 12th when my doctor made me get treated for TB (completely unnecessary ).

Yummy food you make: Vanilla cupcakes and DD friendly pho tai. mMm

Zoo animal favorite: Big cats.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, what are ten things your thankful for?
Here are mine:
1. My salvation
2. My parents.
3. My siblings.
4. My sweetie pie.
5. Fireplaces.
6. Knowing my future is in God’s hands.
7. My church.
8. Freedom in America.
9. Waking up to fuzz balls.
10. Comfy beds.
Luna made herself comfy in front of the fireplace :)

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