Monday, October 31, 2011

DD Friendly: Bottoms up!

Mint Pink Lemonade

The day is winding down and you just need a...
DD friendly drink. It's hard to beat cravings so this drink will help. It's sweet and refreshing!
Here's what you need:
Unflavored carbonated water
1/2 cup of lemon (or lime) juice
1 lime (or lemon)
1 Sugar free instant light drink powder 
1 cup chopped fresh mint

You can blend the mint, powdered drink, lemon juice and lime together then put in a pitcher and fill with the carbonated water. I chose to not strain the mint but you can strain it. 

mMm Enjoy!
If you try this, let me know how it turned out, I would love to hear from you!

Hair Accessories Tutorial

Good Morning Sunshine!

I hope that you have had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Mondays can be 'blah' and hard to get back into the routine of a busy week. It's not all gray and sad, there is SUNSHINE (that you can wear in your hair!). I promise it will make you feel better, so SMILE! 

Here are your materials: 
Thread & needle
glue gun
hair clip
bead or button 
yellow fabric
black ribbon 
non slip grip pad (is usually used under a rug)
white fabric square (preferably thick)

Step by step:

Step 1: Fold and cut fabric until you have squares. Trim around the corners to make them round.
Step 2: Fold the circle twice to resemble a triangle and stitch the pointed tip to the center of your white square. Then repeat on the opposite side. After you have four (make sure the tips don't overlap), add four more on top (trim them down just a bit or a lot )
Step 3: Tread a bead or button into the center.

Step 4: Glue your ribbon onto the clip. You can put ribbon around the entire clip or just the top part.
Step 5:  Glue the non slip grip strip under the top piece. 
Step 6: You can continue to add one on the bottom (optional).
Step 7: Glue the clip onto the backside of your flower.

Ta Da! 
All done. I hope I did not fail to mention anything. If you have any questions, let me know and I will try my best to answer them. Which is your favorite? I love the button version better. Heads up: watch for my first GIVEAWAY at the end of the week. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!
I love putting it on my belt :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paper Roses

It's Tutorial time! 

Here is what you will need:
Glue gun (you can use other glue but it takes longer)
Paper (I used dictionary pages)
paint and brushes (optional)

Step 1&2: Choose your paper, fold and cut to your desired shape
Step 3: Trim into your desired shape and paint the edges of the petal.
Step 4: Glue along the straight edge and from one end, begin to roll (cone shaped). 
Step 5: Take the next petal, glue it, and position it in the center and fold the corners. 
Step 6: Repeat, repeat, repeat until you get the desired size.
Step 7&8: All done! You can leave it as is or cut a prepared petal in half and make leaves. 
If you wish, you can make a wreath or bouquets of roses. Have fun and don't get your fingers burnt!  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silly Saturday

Hi! I hope you are having a lovely Saturday! Today is a super special day because it’s National Cat Day!    Do you have any? I do! My Lola had kittens two months ago; she has been a little busy mommy.  There are a lot of kitties who need hugs and kisses that are waiting to be adopted and loved. So go to your local shelter and show a kittie some love! 
I received a package today and received a complementary sample treat for Lola! Boy was she excited. YUM
Anyway, off to food we go. What did you have for lunch? I had a small breakfast so my big lunch made up for that! 
Baked fish with red onion, shirataki noodles with steamed veggies and salad: lettuce, red pepper and an egg. While waiting for the fish to bake, I came across this nifty little thing:
Eggies! My dad ordered them from a catalog. I think it would be more impressive if they had fun shapes like 3d hearts and stars and such. So silly but fun. Maybe put jello instead for Easter eggs? What do you think? Would you use this product? My dad sure loves his shopping ;)    
Aren't they kind of cute?

Ta Da! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bite on this: DD Friendly: Raspberry Rose Meringues

Hello Lovelies! I hope you have had a wonderful day. I discovered something phenomenal today, something that made me supper dupper happy. Ever get something like that? Well, my happiness comes from DIAPER CREAM. Sounds totally weird right? About two months ago I tried a product and my skin was ok but the next day after I used my usual facial regimen, my skin was terrible! It was irritated, red, and super dry. I was horrified! I never had this sort of problem before. So I tried a few hypoallergenic creams here and there but nothing helped! So anyway, earlier today I was babysitting and thought; if it helps a baby’s bottom, it should help my face. I went to the store and I bought a tube and applied it after rinsing my face. My skin feels awesome!

On to a different topic: Raspberry Rose Meringues SF
My inspiration came from Sweetapolita. I followed the recipe exactly except for when it calls for 1/4c sugar; I substituted with 2 T of Splenda. This was a hit with my parents but my siblings thought it was “just ok”. I was aiming for a “Wow” or “MMM!” effect. If I had dark chocolate, I’m pretty sure they would have been better coated on the bottom. These Meringues were fun to make, it got pretty messy. Have you tried making them before? How did they turn out?

I hope you enjoyed my post! Goodnight!   

P.S. Since you asked, here is the recipe; enjoy! 

3 large egg whites
pinch of salt
1 package (3 ounces) SUGAR FREE Jell-O (I used raspberry but you can use a different flavor)
2 Tablespoons Splenda or other sweetener of your choice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
* Remember to beat the eggs until fluffy then add the salt, splenda, jell-o and vanilla. Beat for 5 min. Bake at 200F for 2 hours and leave in oven overnight.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

mMm Food!

Hey! This is my second post of the day but I'm just super excited about posting about this topic. I don’t know if you have heard about the Dukan Diet (I prefer to call it more of a lifestyle change) but I am currently on it. I started in July (2011) and have lost a total of 30 pounds. I am half way to my goal weight and suddenly am stuck (for almost a month, BOO). Once in a while, every other week or so, a few pounds will go down but not enough to make me jump for joy. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my meals for the day.   

For breakfast I had Oat bran (2T) with low fat milk and a yogurt. For lunch I made my DD version of zuppa toscana. 

·         Ground Italian sausage mixed with lean ground beef +egg+spices
(You don’t have to use Italian; I just had some left over- I don’t think we are allowed to use Italian but it was just a little ;D )
·         1 big red pepper+ 2 small peppers sliced
·         ½ sliced onion (I like mine big)
·         Water
·         ½  white cabbage sliced
·         Cheese (to top it in the bowl)
·         Parsley
·         1 pkge Fettuccini style shirataki noodles chopped
·         1 scrambled egg  (sounds weird, I know, but yummy)
YYou can also add: kale, chicken bouillon, 2 tsp garlic puree, 4 Tbsp bacon pieces. I just tossed in what I had on hand (didn’t really feel like shopping). 


For Dinner, I made 

Sweet and Spicy Cumin-Infused Meatball Deliciousness.

I followed just about everything except adding in cumin, pork, beef stock, and I kept my eggplant big. Follow the link on the picture or the title ^ for the original recipe. I will be posting dessert tomorrow!!! 

Rustic Christmas Fragrance Deco

Hello! I'm Anna and this is my very first blog post. I have been contemplating for months on when I should start posting and what to start with. I know it’s still October but I just can’t wait for Christmas so I decided to put a little deco that smells great and can be placed anywhere!

Here is what you need:
  • ·         Package of cranberry dry fragrance (has cones, colored wood chips and etc.)
  • ·         White ribbon with gold rimming
  • ·         Glass vase
  • ·         Yarn ribbon (I used the one that came with the package)

Here is how I did it:
  • ·         Placed the white ribbon inside the vase.
  • ·         Picked out a few cones and placed in the bottom.
  • ·         Then filled the vase almost to the top with the contents of the fragrance package.
  • ·         Picked out the bigger and darker colors and placed them at the top and more cones on top of the wood chips.
  • ·         Tied the yarn around the outside of the vase and Voila, all done.

I hope you enjoyed this post!