Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DD Friendly: Cole Slaw

One big cabbage leaf (if your making it just for yourself; if not, you can use more).
About an inch of a carrot, shredded.
Drop of fat free mayo.
salt and pepper
Cilantro (lots of it if you love it)
Drop of vinegar

This was a quick snack. You can add other veggies and such. I used what I already had in the fridge. What is your go to snack when you find yourself hungry? Do you make your cole slaw differently? How so? I hope you enjoyed this. I did. Yummy in my tummy :)


  1. mmmmm.... that looks sooo yummy!!

  2. Hy sweetie! this is lovely! i was thinking, maybe we can follow each others blog?! :X