Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silly Saturday

Hi! I hope you are having a lovely Saturday! Today is a super special day because it’s National Cat Day!    Do you have any? I do! My Lola had kittens two months ago; she has been a little busy mommy.  There are a lot of kitties who need hugs and kisses that are waiting to be adopted and loved. So go to your local shelter and show a kittie some love! 
I received a package today and received a complementary sample treat for Lola! Boy was she excited. YUM
Anyway, off to food we go. What did you have for lunch? I had a small breakfast so my big lunch made up for that! 
Baked fish with red onion, shirataki noodles with steamed veggies and salad: lettuce, red pepper and an egg. While waiting for the fish to bake, I came across this nifty little thing:
Eggies! My dad ordered them from a catalog. I think it would be more impressive if they had fun shapes like 3d hearts and stars and such. So silly but fun. Maybe put jello instead for Easter eggs? What do you think? Would you use this product? My dad sure loves his shopping ;)    
Aren't they kind of cute?

Ta Da! 

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